What to pack in your backpack for the Camino in winter

If you are a true adventurer and have considered doing the Camino de Santiago in winter, do not miss our post on everything you should know to start planning the Camino in winter.

But also, in this we tell you what you should take into account when planning your backpack. Do not get carried away by intuition, it is not going to be that you forget something.

As we mentioned in the previous article, planning is very important if you have decided to delve into this plan.

Your backpack

There is no doubt that your backpack will be much heavier than if you walked the Camino in summer. But you can always count on the baggage collection and delivery service. Ask us!

Footwear, which was already important in itself, becomes essential. You have to choose one that, in addition to being comfortable, adapts to the weather of the time. Rainy and cold. The Camino is hard in itself, but if you also have cold or wet feet, it will be uncomfortable for you. In addition to exposing yourself to a possible cold.

Socks are no less important. We always recommend that they be seamless socks, to avoid, as far as possible, rubbing and blisters. But if they can be suitable for low temperatures, all the better.

Do not forget to bring thermal shirts, they will be a great ally, especially in some colder areas. And if you are one of the coldest, you can also get some thermal leggings to put under your pants.

A fleece lining is also a good option, since it is not excessively heavy but it will protect you from the cold.

Nor will you be able to miss a fine garment to protect yourself from the rain or a hat and a neck warmer. And I say fine to avoid more weight. If you are well wrapped underneath, a windbreaker type will suffice.
Be careful, make sure that your pants are specific so as not to filter rainwater.

You decide if the gloves are comfortable for you, even if they are fingerless.

Although you think that the sleeping bag has to be suitable for low temperatures, it is not the case. Normally at home we have camping bags in summer, and it is more than enough, since the place where you stay will be perfectly conditioned and you will enjoy an optimal temperature.

For the rest, there are no changes with respect to the backpack that you would carry at another time of the year. If you have any doubts, you can take a look at the post we wrote about what to carry in your backpack when doing the Camino de Santiago.

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