Tips for waking the Camino de Santiago alone

If you decide to undertake the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and finally embark on the Camino alone, you must have certain things in mind, such as prior preparation of the route you’ re going to take and knowledge of the route signs.

Next, we leave you some useful tips to walk the path alone. Take note!

Pick a busy route

The best time to do the Camino is in spring and early autumn, and the best route, being the busiest, is the Camino Frances, as it’ s continuously traveled by pilgrims from all over the world. It is safe, and by not being alone we won’t feel unprotected.

The sections where there’ re more pilgrims are also the best signposted, especially the last 100 km of the Camino Frances from Sarria.

As we have mentioned before, this route is one of the busiest, so you’ll find a lot of pilgrims who can help you and you’ll surely find more pilgrims who will walk alone towards the Cathedral of Santiago with whom you’ll be able to share your experience.

Avoid walking at night

The vast majority of pilgrims travel the road at a fairly similar timetable: they’re early risers and usually make their pilgrimage in the morning. Thus they reach the end of the stage at the beginning of the afternoon.

It is important that, as far as possible, you adapt to these schedules. Walking at night can make following the trail of the arrows more difficult, no matter how well marked they may be.

Share your route in advance with your family and close friends

It is important to communicate our plans to our family or friends so that they know at all times to locate us in case of need. Inform them of the route you have chosen, where you’re leaving from and where you plan to sleep, and let them know when you arrive so that everyone knows that you’ re well. That way they always know where to look for you.

Always carry your mobile charged

If you pilgrimage in a group, the mobile is not only not essential, but sometimes it can even be a burden. But if you walk the Camino alone, it is very important that you make sure you take your mobile with you and make sure that it has a battery. In the face of any unforeseen event, your device can help you solve it.

Take care of your belongings

Don’t carry things of great value and keep your money and your mobile well when you go to sleep if you don’t trust the people with whom you share a room. Sometimes there’ re lockers so you can use them, or put things in your backpack and lock it.

Follow the official road signs

Always follow the yellow signs and the official milestones of the Camino. If you don’t see any milestones for a while, stop and check if you are following the correct route.

These’re just some tips for doing the Camino de Santiago alone. From Albergues del Camino we hope you find them useful and help you decide to make the pilgrimage on your own towards Santiago. If you liked this post, don’t hesitate to share it with other pilgrims and if you’ ve already completed the Camino alone, we encourage you to share your experience on our social networks Facebook and Instagram. We’ re waiting your comments!

Good Way, pilgrims!