How to prepare your backpack for the Camino de Santiago

One of the things that worries the most to pilgrims when their come to traveling the Camino de Santiago is how to prepare the backpack to carry everything you need and at the same time not be too loaded.

As in ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO we want to do all the possible so that you enjoy this incredible experience to the fullest, we are going to give you some tips that will help you prepare your backpack to do the Camino de Santiago effectively. Take note!

1.- The clothes to do the Camino

It is very important to consider what time of year we are going to walk the Camino. You will not need the same clothes in summer as in winter.
Let’s say you are going to do the Camino de Santiago between the months of May and October.

During these months it is not usually very cold so from ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO we advise you to wear two technical shirts. A thinner one for hot days and a thicker one for colder nights or days. Next to them, a neoprene-type outer layer. It is light, warm and comfortable enough to spend the night.

As for the legs, a removable hiking pants may be the best option.

And of course, wear the right clothes A and B. One day you wear A and the next day B. You don’t need more. Most hostels have a laundry where you can wash your clothes and have them ready from one day to the next.

2.- Footwear

It is essential to wear comfortable hiking boots that are already adapted to your foot and with which you feel really comfortable. It is very important that before going on the Camino you use them to go for a walk, for at least two weeks.

I also advise you to carry sandals in your backpack. Velcro sandals may be the best option, since they allow you to shower with them and also walk comfortably and airy if the heat is pressing or you get blisters with your boots.

3.- Solar protection

In addition, it is very important that you protect yourself from the sun during the Camino. To do this, don’t forget to bring good sun protection, a cap and sunglasses.

4.- Water

Don’t rush to do the Camino de Santiago without water. We advise you to bring a liter bottle of water. No more is needed. During the Camino you will find sources where you can fill it up.

It is common to see new pilgrims on the Camino with too much weight in their backpack, which in the long run ends up spending the reserves. By following these simple tips, you will walk light and enjoy the experience more. Prepare your backpack wisely and enjoy the experience! Good way, pilgrim!

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