Holy Year

When is the next Jacobean Holy Year?

It has been the blessed Covid that did not allow us to enjoy the last Holy Year, that of 2021. But as The wise Spanish proverb says well, “there is no evil that does not come for good” and it is for that reason and for the first time in history, the celebration has been extended to the following year. 2022.

Every how many years is it celebrated?

The Holy Jubilee Year has a cadence of 6-5-6 and 11 years. Always in that order, except when the last year of a century is not a leap year. In which case, it may be held every 6-5-6 and 12 or every 6-5-7 and 11 years. In either case, this amounts to a total of fourteen festive years at the end of each century. But the truth is that this cadence is due to a logic and that is that the Jacobean Holy Year will be celebrated when July 25, the day of Santiago el Mayor, falls on a Sunday.

When was the first Jacobean celebrated?

It was the year 1122 when the last of the stones that make up the Cathedral of Santiago were laid, and says that it was in that year when Calixtus II, the pontiff, granted the possibility of celebrating the Holy Year Jacobean from 1126 to all the years that met the aforementioned requirements. Although it is true that 2021 is considered the 120th Holy Year in history, counted from 1182, Therefore, we cannot verify that said information is entirely true. Depending on the source consulted, the versions about this theory are very different.

When will the next Holy Year be?

What we can say with complete certainty is that, with all these premises met, next year Santo will fall in 2027. And the next one in 2032. In both, July 25 will be Sunday. The celebration will begin with the opening of the Holy Door on the afternoon of December 31 of the year immediately preceding.


The granting of indulgences During the Holy Years of Compostela, all those believers who consider it so can get

plenary indulgence and thus be absolved of all their sins. For this, three conditions must be met. The first one is to visit the tomb of the Apostle Santiago in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. There it will also be necessary to say a prayer to him. The second one of them will be to receive the sacrament of confession either 15 days before or 15 days after the visit of the

grave. And the third of them will be to receive the Eucharistic Communion.

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