Bike pilgrim: tips for beginners

Traveling the Camino de Santiago by bicycle is a perfect plan for vacations or days off. One of the main advantages of pedaling the Camino de Santiago is that you can complete more stages in less time, so if your time is limited you can choose to do longer routes. At ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO we tell you some tips for beginners that you will need to know if you want to do the Camino de Santiago by bicycle for the first time. Take note!


Before going out to walk the path it is important that you train for at least a month. Go out for a ride every day so that when you start the path you are in good physical condition, otherwise you could injure yourself or not be able to finish the entire route.


Choose well the route of the Camino de Santiago that you are going to do, since the options are very varied. You can travel between 20 and 100 kilometers a day, it all depends on how demanding you want the route to be. At ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO, we have several programs to travel the Camino by bicycle, find out more here.


Pay attention to the weather forecast and prepare your gear accordingly. You should bear in mind that you will spend many hours on the bike, so it is essential to wear a short with good protection. Do not forget a good helmet, suitable footwear, sunglasses, sunscreen and above all a good kit of spare parts and tools.


Being well equipped does not mean carrying the saddlebags to the brim. Carefully choose everything you need and avoid unnecessary items in your luggage. Remember that the more luggage you carry, the more difficult it will be to pedal.

A good option to enjoy the Camino even more is to hire the luggage transport service and forget about carrying the weight. At ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO we have several options, contact us.


If you plan to do the Camino de Santiago in summer you should know that at this time of year there is a large influx of pilgrims, so the hostels are usually full.

This does not mean that you are going to run out of accommodation, but you should take this aspect into account when planning your trip. For this reason, we recommend that you book your place in the hostel in advance. Reserve your place in our hostels here.


It is very important that before starting the trip you tune up your bike, especially if you have not taken it out of the garage for a long time. Adjusting the brakes, wheels and transmission should be more than enough to do a minimal tune up.

Whether by bike or on foot, traveling the Camino de Santiago is one of the most wonderful experiences we can have in life, so we want you to enjoy it as much as possible. Delight yourself with the landscape, get lost in the little towns, talk to interesting people… the options offered by the road are endless, enjoy them!

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