Data collection of the Camino de Santiago in 2021

Every year, the Pilgrim’s Office makes a very complete report with the statistics collected on the road to Santiago. This report is made based on the information obtained from the pilgrims that registered their arrival in the Galician capital.

Although it is true that many of these data we already knew and are popular, others, sometimes we surprise. That is why today we have made a small summary and we want to share them with you.

Are there more male or female pilgrims?

The truth is that it is a data that has always been fairly even. In the 2004 statistics, the First to be collected, the percentage was slightly in favor of men with 55% compared to 45%. Currently the percentage is practically 50-50.

What is the means chosen to travel the Camino?

The means chosen by the vast majority of people is on foot. The percentage is currently 94%, although in 2004 it was somewhat lower (87%). The next medium chosen was the bicycle, with just over 10,000 pilgrims. There were also those who preferred the horse or the sailboat as their favorite means of transport to go the miles.


 What age range are the pilgrims in?

Surprisingly here, age is not an impediment, since 16% of the people who came to the cathedral were over 60 years old. It is not an excuse either, since 26% are under 30 years of age.

Where are you from?

The origin of the pilgrims in the year 2021 is clear. 73% come from Spain. although we can think that it is due to the Covid pandemic that was still affecting a lot during that year, it is not so. Well, in the 2004 statistics the percentage is very similar.
If we want to specify something else, the pilgrims come mainly from Andalusia, Madrid, Valencian Community, Galicia and Catalonia.
Portugal followed by Italy, France and the United States are other nationalities that we could stand out.

What is the chosen Camino?

Mainly French (55%), followed by Portuguese (19%), leaving English and Spanish far behind. primitive (6%) or northern (5%)
Most also start it in Sarria (36%).


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