The road to Finisterre

If you have reached Santiago, your path will not be complete if you do not continue until you reach Finisterre. This is an ancient pilgrimage, since it was started by the Romans and its destination is the End of the World (Finisterre).

The Camino from Santiago is about 90 kilometers until you reach Finisterre, during 4 stages you will travel through the interior of Galicia until you reach Costa da Morte and finish at the End of the World.

The first stage has a total of 21 kilometers and you will start it in the Plaza del Obradoiro, and leaving the cathedral behind you, you will begin to leave the city. In this stage you will pass through Ponte Maceira, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, and more special, since it only has 73 inhabitants. You will cross its iconic bridge over the Tambre River before reaching Negreira.

We start stage 2 in the center of Negreira, leaving the town we will pass under the 3 arches that connect the chapel with the Pazo de Coton, you will pass through the streets of Zas, and the stage will take you to Mount Aro, the point highest of the stage and where you will enjoy an incredible landscape. Then you will begin to descend and cross the Xallas river before reaching the end of the stage in Olveiroa.

On the third day of the tour you will enjoy spectacular views of the Xallas River and the Castrelo-Olveiros reservoir from Monte do Sino. You will continue and pass through the Cruceiro Marco do Couto, before entering the Buxantes Mountains. Passing the Ermita da Nosa Señora das Neves you will see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, before passing through the Cruceiro da Armada, and after a few kilometers you will arrive at the Church of Santa María de Xunqueira, already in Cee, where you finish for today.

You will leave Cee and pass in front of the Casa do Cotón and along the Corcubión promenade. You will arrive at Langosteira Beach, and you can cool off and take a dip before crossing the town and going up to the Finisterre Lighthouse, the End of the World, where you can enjoy the best sunsets.