The only route you travel backwards

You walk the path you walk; English, French, Portuguese, Primitive, Winter… And be it whatever medium you decide to enter into this adventure; on foot, on horseback, sailing… You will always arrive to Santiago. But on this route it will not be like that.

And what does this mean?

Well, your destination will not be Santiago de Compostela and its cathedral, but that will be your starting point. We are talking about the Camino de Fisterra y Muxía. A different xacobean route but in which,
Coincidentally, you will also end up at kilometer 0.

Where is the origin of this path?

Although it is true that the origins of this path are pagan and are not fully documented, it is known that the Romans thought that Finisterre (Finis Terrae) was the westernmost point of the earth. The end of the earth. Where the sun disappeared every day.
What we can know is its Christian origin, since the Calixtino Codex already names this path and linked to the Jacobean tradition.

But where do we get to then?

Fisterra and Muxia. That is the name of the path. And it is that there are 87 kilometers that separate Santiago from Muxía and only 2 more to Fisterra.

It is in Dumbría where the road forks and you have to choose which place you prefer to arrive first. And I say firstly because it is essential that you reach both goals, which are linked by a path full of magic, landscapes and beautiful sunsets.

What is clear is that continuing the path from Santiago is an effort that can only be attribute to the bravest. Of course, do not have the slightest doubt that, just because of the landscape, it deserves very worth it.

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