Discovering Galicia After the Camino de Santiago: Must-Visit Places for Pilgrims in August/September

Great job, pilgrim! You’ve made it, and you’ve done it successfully. This spiritual and physical journey has been worth it and filled you with unforgettable experiences. Now that you have reached your destination, we invite you to continue exploring the wonders of Galicia in August and September. This charming region in Northwestern Spain has much more to offer, so take note of these must-visit destinations for pilgrims who wish to extend their adventure.

  • Santiago de Compostela: Although you have arrived at the Santiago Cathedral, the city itself is worth exploring at a leisurely pace. Immerse yourself in its rich history and culture by visiting the old town with its cobbled streets, squares, and centuries-old facades. Don’t miss the famous Mercado de Abastos to taste delicious local products and enjoy authentic Galician cuisine.
  • Finisterre: Known as “the end of the world” in ancient times, Cape Finisterre is a mystical and symbolic place where pilgrims can complete their journey by leaving behind a piece of clothing or simply contemplate the stunning sunset over the sea.
  • Rías Baixas: In August and September, the Rías Baixas offer a relaxed and sunny atmosphere. Visit coastal towns like Sanxenxo, O Grove, or Combarro, and enjoy their beaches, hidden coves, and exquisite gastronomy based on fresh seafood and fish.
  • Rías Altas: These estuaries offer spectacular landscapes, pristine beaches, and impressive cliffs. Don’t miss the historic city of La Coruña and its emblematic Tower of Hercules, the oldest Roman lighthouse still in operation in the world.
  • Islas Cíes: If you’re looking for a natural paradise, the Cíes Islands are the ideal destination. With their white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, they are part of a Maritime-Terrestrial National Park and a perfect place to relax and connect with nature.
  • Termas and Balnearios: After a long walk, a bit of rest and relaxation will do wonders. Galicia boasts several thermal springs and spas where you can enjoy thermal waters and therapeutic treatments to revitalize your body and mind.
  • Ruta del Vino: Galicia is also famous for its wines, especially Albariño. Take advantage of your visit to tour the wineries and vineyards in the Rías Baixas region and taste excellent wines.

Remember that August and September are ideal months to visit Galicia, as the weather is pleasant, and local festivities will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Galician culture. Enjoy this second stage of your journey and allow yourself to discover everything this magical land has to offer to pilgrims seeking an enriching experience beyond the Camino de Santiago. Happy travels and happy exploration!