Gastronomic route of the French way

The French Way is the best known path and with the largest number of walkers. During this tour, apart from enjoying its people and spectacular landscapes, you will enjoy an incredible gastronomic experience, since you will be able to appreciate the best dishes of each of the regions that you cross.

The first stop is Pamplona, ​​and although it is known worldwide for the San Fermín festivities, it is also a gastronomic benchmark, and just like in the Basque Country, you can enjoy its Tapas and Pintxos culture.

We follow the Camino until we reach Estella, leaving behind the tapas and pintxos to sit down and enjoy its most typical dish, the roasted gorrín, you must not forget to accompany it with some red wine from the region.

Depending on the season in which you visit this region, you can enjoy very typical dishes. In the cold winter there is no better way to warm up than with some red beans with bacon and if it is already spring, you have to try the asparagus, artichokes and seasonal vegetables. Although there is no time of the year to taste the Piquillo Peppers, any of the 365 days is good to take them with any filling.

The next stop will be Logroño, and as in Pamplona you will once again enjoy the Pinchos and Tapas, and each place has a specialty, so you can go for a walk through the streets and enter different bars, yes, being in La Rioja you must accompany pinchos with a good local wine.

The French Way will take us to Burgos, and here there is a dish that is mandatory, Roast suckling lamb, and don’t forget to try the rice blood sausage and its cheeses. Of course, accompany everything with wines with Designation of Origin Ribera del Duero.

We arrive in León, the last stop before entering Galicia. We recommend that you go through the Barrio Húmedo, and there you will find the best tapas bars. And you have to ask for a good plate of typical sausage: black pudding, cecina and chorizo. If you like meat, you should try game meat: roe deer, wild boar, hare, quail or partridge.

Already in Galicia, before arriving at the cathedral of Santiago, you will pass through Arzúa, where you will find its famous Tetilla Cheese, famous throughout the world and with a Protected Designation of Origin. Then you will stop in Melide, where you will eat octopus, despite not being on the coast, the best octopuses are eaten here.

And once in Santiago, you can walk through the monumental area and in the streets that lead to the Cathedral, you can taste the most typical dishes and the best wines of the land.