La Compostela

When you complete the Camino and you can certify that it has been so, you can issue a document that proves it. The vast majority call it La Compostela, although its official name is La Compostela. From Latin Compostella.

What is?

It is neither more nor less than a document granted by the ecclesiastical authorities and in which it is certified that said person has completed the Camino de Santiago. The pilgrim, upon arrival, must demonstrate that he has done it, complying with the requirements and, in addition, that he has traveled it as a sign of devotion to the Apostle Santiago, since this document is only given to those who have walked to the Cathedral of Santiago for religious or spiritual reasons.

Don’t worry, because if you have decided to undertake the Camino for other reasons, you will also receive a Pilgrim Certification as you have walked it, although, as we have said, you will not be awarded La Compostela.

Said document is, in part, written in Latin and includes the name and surnames as well as the date of arrival of the pilgrim. If they are very young, their name will appear on the Compostela of the accompanying adult guardian.

What are the requirements to obtain the Compostela?

We have already talked about some of them, but we will list them below so that they are all in a row and you do not have any doubts:

  • Have traveled the last 100km on any of the recognized routes.
  • Have traveled the last 200km by bicycle.
  • Have at least two daily stamps on the credential. One at the beginning of the stage and another at the end, both with a date.
  • That the meaning of the pilgrimage be towards the cathedral. Also called “Christian sense.”
  • As we have mentioned before, La Compostela will only be granted to those whose reason for pilgrimage is religious or spiritual.
  • It will only be awarded in person
  • It is possible to complete the Camino in stages. Although as long as these are ordered chronologically and belong to the same path. That is, routes cannot be mixed.

Where to get the Compostela?

At the Pilgrim Reception Office, which is located on Rúa Carreras (next to the Cathedral). The schedule is from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. uninterruptedly between May and October. The rest of the year and special dates it is better to consult before.

If what you are going to obtain is the Distance Certificate, since you have not walked the Camino for religious or spiritual reasons, they will also deliver it to you at this office.