How to get Plenary Indulgence

As many pilgrims already know, and exceptionally, the Holy Year of Compostela is being celebrated for 2 consecutive years, 2021 and 2022. This is due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, since it is normal for the Holy Year to be celebrated irregularly, separated by intervals of six, five, six and eleven years.

The Holy Year or Jubilee Year is a time in which the Church grants spiritual singularities to the faithful, and one of them is the plenary indulgence. Today at Albergues del Camino we tell you what it is all about. Do not miss it!

Gate of forgiveness

The inauguration of the Holy Year has as its main sign the opening of the Holy Door or Puerta del Perdón. It is a door that is located at the back of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Specifically on the facade that overlooks the Plaza de la Quintana.

The gate is sealed from the inside so it cannot be opened from the outside. It is only opened during Holy Years for Pilgrims to access the temple through it.

Accessing the temple through the Holy Door is one of the requirements to obtain the Plenary Indulgence, that is, the absolution of all your sins and reconciliation with God.

How to get plenary indulgence

Although the physical act of crossing a Holy Door is one of the most representative actions to achieve a plenary indulgence during the Jubilee, it is not the only requirement. To be forgiven of sins and go directly to heaven without going through purgatory it is also necessary:

  1. Visit the Cathedral of Santiago, where the remains of the Apostle Santiago el Mayor are kept, guarded and venerated, participating in the Eucharist or in any other liturgical act, having a moment of prayer for the intentions of the Roman Pontiff (Our Father or Creed) .
  2. Sacramental Confession. The same confession serves to obtain several indulgences. It can be done 15 days before or after the visit to the Cathedral of Santiago.
  3. Eucharistic Communion, for each of the indulgences.

Earn plenary indulgence for other people

We must know that the plenary indulgence is applicable to oneself or to a deceased person, that is, we can apply it to a soul that is in purgatory, but never to another living person.

The requirements to earn a plenary indulgence for the souls of relatives or loved ones who are in purgatory are as follows:

  1. On All Souls Day, November 2, visit a church or oratory. During this visit, the Creed and an Our Father should be prayed. Furthermore, the intention of wanting to avoid any venial or mortal sin must be formulated.
  2. Go to Confession, receive Holy Communion and pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary for the Pope’s intentions. Both should be done on the same day.

Finally, we want to remind you that the Jubilee, and therefore the plenary indulgence, can be obtained by traveling by any means, not necessarily doing the Camino de Santiago.

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