7 Reasons to do the Camino de Santiago

More and more people decide to walk the Camino de Santiago and each one of them has a different motivation. If you still haven’t found a reason to do the Camino de Santiago, at ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO we give you a few that will surely encourage you to set out on this great adventure. Let’s go there!

Bring out your emotions

There are many pilgrims who experience a lot of emotions while walking the path. In fact, many people who are not very sensitive and who do not cry easily let off steam by walking the road, since walking in silence makes us rediscover our deepest emotions, those that are hidden in the middle of our daily routine.

Find yourself

Most of the people who manage to finish the Camino say that one of the best things that has happened to them along it is that they have rediscovered themselves. Walking five to eight hours a day, most of the time in silence, makes one think again. And doing it for several days allows us to reflect deeply on our lives and on ourselves.

Get to know the culture of the Camino

Throughout all its ramifications, one finds thousands of places of great cultural value. The Camino, with its calm and personal rhythm, allows you to enjoy hundreds of cultural treasures and towns with a great history behind them.

Regain the will

Walking the Camino de Santiago is not easy. Almost anyone is prepared to walk six hours a day, but doing it for one, two, three, four… or more weeks is only achieved with will. The path will teach you that with will you are capable of everything.

Meet amazing people

In an experience as special as traveling the Camino de Santiago, the link between the people we meet on our way is usually much more special than the one created with the people with whom we share day to day. The path is a common reference that unites you and it is rare for pilgrims to have friendly relations with each other.

Get fit

The fact of walking 22 or 23 km on average per day will make your legs and trunk stronger, and that, together with a good diet, can be a great ally to get rid of those excess kilos.

Win the Compostela 

After traveling the last 100 km on foot before reaching Santiago or 200 km if you go on horseback or by bicycle, you will be able to obtain the Compostela. For Catholics, that means half the time spent in purgatory. In holy year (if Santiago falls on a Sunday), the indulgence would be plenary.

A credential is given with a Latin text that proves it, but the important thing is not the paper, but having carried it out.

For non-believers who prove it, there is another document to show whoever you want that attests to having achieved it.

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