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The hostel Seminario Menor

The Hostel Seminario Menor is one of the most traditional accommodations for pilgrims of the city. More tan two decades embracing people arriving to Santiago de Compostela. It is a very popular hostel among the ones who decide to do the occidental Europe routes. The hostel Seminario menor has been chosen between the best ten hostels on the French Way by users on the site, lets discover why.

The Hostel Seminario Menor opens its doors on a magnificent building located on one of the places with the best views of the monumental city, Belvis. On the neighborhood of San Pedro its name (Belvis) suggest beautiful view from its etymology. The hostel is in a privileged view point and it opens to a bucolic and calm scene of the historical área and the towers of the catedral.

Pilgrims do love the clear and singular view from the Hill. Also the enviroment was recovered on the last decades with the openig and extensión of the Belvis green area. It goes through ancient ecclesiastical plantations and it shows the soft orography from Santiago.

The Hostel Seminario Menor receive its name from the educative institution whose building is shared. The Seminario Menor was the last building destinated from the Archbishopric for the clergy formation. The building open on 1955 by the cardinal Quiroga Palacios, has clergy and secular formation use untill the last years that incorporates the hostel function.

Another reason why the hostel is so attractive to pilgrims is because of the location. It is not only some minutes walking distance far from the catedral, on our way we’ll find the market, the most visited place after the Obradoiro square. Pilgrims may recover sensations and calm walking the stands where the best products from sea and earth are presented. Scenes of a traditional and less common way of production that is captivating more people trough the years.

The Hostel Seminario Menor keeps the essence of the pilgrims experience, rest communal places, single accommodations, places for the self reflection, affordable Price and a difficult to overtake location.


256 vacancy between single and communal rooms

Free wifi and payment computers

Fully equiped kitchens


Vending machines

Payment luggage room

Front desk

Social rooms with TV


Laundry: Washing machines, Sinks and Dryers

Parking for bikes and cars


Transfer service

Backpack sending



FAQS - Frequent questions

It is necessary to be a pilgrim to do a booking?

It is not compulsory to be a pilgrim but the Hostel is designed to Pilgrims.

Which are the timetables of the hostel?

Check in: From 08 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Acces to the rooms: From 14h untill 00.30h.

Check out: It is compulsory to leave the hostel before 9.30 a.m. Between 9.30 a.m. and 14 p.m. we do the cleanning of the rooms.

Closing hour: 00.30 p.m. You may leave at any time.

It is recomendable to take my sleeping bag?

Yes it is. The Price includes a kit of the under sheet and the pillowcase. We also have blankets.

Are rooms and bathrooms mixed?

Yes they are

Which kind of accomodations are available?

Individual beds on communal mixed rooms and single rooms. Bathrooms are out from the rooms.

There is meal service?

We have a small supermarket where you can choose your menú. We also have a fully equiped kitchen if you prefer to vook you own meal. Vending machines of drinks ans snacks are available.

Can I have breakfast on the hostel?

Yes you can. On the supermarket we serve breakfast from 07.00 a.m.

Can I smoke on the hostel?

No, it is not allowed to smoke on the hole enclosure.

Are animals admitted?

No, they are not.

I have a place for leaving my bike?

Yes, you have a exterior and interior parking to leave your bike under your responsability.

There is luggage room service?

Yes, you can send us your luggage before your arrival. The price perbag and day is 2 euro. It is compulsory to have a booking on the hostel.

It is necessary to book in advance?

It is not necessary but recommended to get your place guaranteed. You can do your booking through our site and get the best price.

Can I cancel or modify my booking?

Yes you can. If you cancel or modify your booking with morethan 24 hours before your arrival time it is free. In case you do the cancellation on modifcation the samen day of your arrival the cancellation costs are the full price of the first night of accommodation.

What is included on my accommodation price?

Accommodation. Kit of under sheet and pillowcase, locker with plug and lightning point.

You still have more questions? Contac us!

What to do in Santiago de Compostela?

Behind we left the hundreds of kilometers, the calloused feet, the pain on the back and the squeaking knees. Infront of us the catedral and inside the backpack the Compostela. Now you can think on enjoying the city and not on the next stage.  Here are some proposals to have the best time in Santiago.

1. Green areas and geographical splendour:

Santiago de Compostela experimented an expansión due to the developement on the 60`s and the jubilee years from the 90’s. The city grew up towards the coast but with respect to the green áreas of the ancient private plantations or from the ecleciastical use.With the historical park of the Alameda, the most famous park is San Domingo de Bonaval, next to the neighborhood of San Pedro. At the main entrance of the french way on the city. It is a park designed by Alvaro Siza, portuguese architect, located next to the contemporary  art museum. It employs the different highs of the land to show intimate corners and amazing views. We may also recommend Galeras, Vista Alegre and the Sar river Banks.

2. Museums and guided tours

Such a historical city as Santiago is, it hides a lot of mistery and stories between its streets. These stories are the best way to understand why and how it works nowadays. Just arrived to Compostela may be difficult to understand why on a city with a catedral does not exist a castle or how the streets were before their stone layer. It is also very interesrting to know the different use of each building or who and why used to olive on each neighborhood. Luckily it is very easy to find different guided tours and visits to get involved on the history. Le tus really advise yo to book some of the different tours of the city and the one at the catedral roofs

3. It is not everything about culture, let’s eat (and drink)!!

Of course, food in Galicia its fantanstic!! But we are going to try to be more concrete. What do we want to eat? How many it is going to cost? Which flavours are we going to remember? One almost compulsory visit, is the market of the city. There we may see how it works a traditional market and see the quality of the different products.

At the city we can taste the so known omelette of El moha o La Tita where we can get a plentful tapa, a cheese and cold meat board at Casa Pepe in Santo Agostiño or enjoyo f a tipical bar of Santiago like O cabalo Blanco. To have lunch we can go the San Pedro neighborhood at the entrance of the French Way and its traditional restaurants where tasting home-made cooking (Casal do Cabildo, O 16). A visit to the wine bar at Os Concheiros may be also be done.

4. At night

Maybe this stage of 40 kilometers has not destroyed your desire of party. If your feet feel strong enough you can go to the old quarter of the city when the night falls. It is very common to find live music or theatre ant the Santiago pubs. Two of the more historical pubs are Modus Vivendi, which is the first pub openned at the city and A Casa das Crechas, with a huge concerts schedule.  Really near we find La Borriquita de Belen with their permanent bet for the live music, blues, flamenco and folk. The Embora pub besides having one of the most beautiful terraces of Santiago offers a room of microtheatre.

5. From Santiago to the most occidental point

It is going deeper on the myth of the esoteric history of Galicia but after reaching Santiago it is worthit continue untill Finisterre. If you want to get more involved on the Costa da Morte región you can book the one day trip  where our guides Will make you parto d some of the jewels of the tour. You Will visit Pontemaceira, Muros, Ezaro waterfall (the only waterfall of eaurope that does direct to the sea), the cape and village of Finisterre and last stop would be Muxia and its sanctuary.

6. South part of Galicia:

It is amazing the diversity of a so small region as Galicia. The difference between north and south are remarkable. If you want to get involved on the Rías Baixas, we offer you the one day trip marked for the sailor tradition of Galicia. Pontevedra, Combarro, O Grove would amaze us with their seaports, including a boat trip with tasting of mussels. The trip ends with the visit to Cambados.

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Albergue Seminario Menor

Avda. Quiroga Palacios s/n

15703 Santiago De Compostela

A Coruña, España



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Park: 1 minute

Supermarket: 5 minutes

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Old quarter: 5 minutes

Cathedral: 10 minutes

Tourism office: 15 minutes

Railway station: 15 minutes

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Airport: 11 Km

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