What not to do on the Camino de Santiago

We are always giving you advice on what to do, what to take, where to go, when to go… But we rarely tell you what to avoid or what definitely not to do in your Camino de Santiago experience.

Today we have thought about how important it is that you also tell you what you should omit and we are going to make you a small list of what we have thought of as most important.

Do not take unnecessary things

And you will say, what nonsense! Well, no, we often see pilgrims regret having carried things like a hairdryer, a shaver or too many changes of clothes.

You have to change your mind. Although many of these things you use in your daily routines, here you have to carry them from one place to another and, we assure you, they are not as essential as you think.

In addition to the weight, there are other reasons to leave this type of accessories at home, such as not losing them, hitting them, damaging them…

You don’t want to be the first, but not the last either

Adapt the stages to your physical condition. Don’t want to be the first, because you could have enjoyed the adventure more or taken advantage of it to reach the next point on the map.

But don’t be the last either, and by this we mean don’t do stages beyond your possibilities. Firstly, because fatigue will add up day by day and do not lose sight of the fact that your goal is to reach the cathedral (no matter how long it takes). Secondly, because you can cause an unexpected injury or get blisters on your feet.

It is also important that you choose the route that is best suited to your physical condition. There are some very demanding and others much more bearable. Find out about this before scheduling.

Do not wear new shoes

Neither socks. You risk suffering foot pain, blisters or chafing that may even prevent you from continuing.

The more you have used the shoes that accompany you to the cathedral, the better. And the same with socks.

It is also not a good idea to wear new clothes, you don’t know if they will be comfortable, if they will chafe, if they will be too warm or not…

Always, always fill your backpack with clothes that you know and know how they fit you and in what conditions you will be able to wear them comfortably.

Do not leave without having organized your steps well

Knowing how many days the experience will take you, how many stages you will go through, which are the accommodations where you will stay overnight or where you can eat is essential to avoid surprises.

Can you think of anything else we can add to the list? Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram. This way we will create a nice community where we can share information and experiences of the Camino de Santiago.