The importance of contracting the Camino through a specialised agency

You have been thinking for some time about venturing on the Camino de Santiago and the time comes to prepare all the reservations: What will be the most suitable Camino for my physical condition and my circumstances? Is it the best time to walk the route I have in mind? Where should I stay? Will I be choosing well? Are the distances I propose for each stage the right ones? Will I be able to ask for half board? Will I have availability in the accommodation? Is it better to book or try my luck when I arrive? Will there be opening and closing times of the accommodation? Will I have to carry my backpack? What if I get injured? How do I get to the accommodation that is outside the route? What if I don’t arrive on time?

These are all doubts when you are getting ready to prepare. If I can organise it myself, why would I hire a specialised agency?

Well, the answers are many and varied. Here is a list of them:

To live a safe experience. The agencies have been preparing these itineraries for years, they know all the pros and cons, all the possible cases. And they will inform you about everything that concerns you.

Maximum comfort: They take care of everything, why waste your time managing everything if you can invest it in training, thinking about what you are going to carry in your backpack…? Thanks to the agencies, you will optimise your time and you will be able to use all your resources on what is really important.

Travel assistance: It’s just another experience on your list of “things to do” and that always involves the risk of a mishap. If you have contracted the services through a specialised agency, you can forget about this point as well.

Accommodation security: No, you don’t have to be the first to arrive to get an available bed in a public hostel, nor do you run the risk of “not having managed your booking correctly” or of overbooking. Your accommodation is guaranteed. And what’s more, if it is outside the route you are travelling, they will take you to it.

Advice and professionalism: That is what you will receive from the professionals behind a specialised agency. People who will recommend you, who will answer your queries… In short, and once again, security.

You will be insured. And how important is this point? All the packages you can book will include basic travel insurance.

Follow our recommendations and book through a specialised agency like Galicia Incoming. Don’t risk it!

And if, despite all these recommendations, you decide to manage it yourself, don’t forget to make your reservation at Albergue Monasterio Magdalena on your way through Sarria and Albergue Seminario Menor on your arrival in Santiago de Compostela. If you book through our official website you will find the best price guaranteed, as well as the possibility of free cancellation up to 24 hours before your arrival.

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Good Camino, pilgrim!