Essentials in the medicine cabinet

When you decide that you are going to undertake the Camino de Santiago you have a few decisions to make. Which Way do you want to travel, from where will you do it, how many kilometers does it involve, make reservations for hostels so as not to run out of a place to sleep at each of your stops…

And once each and every one of these decisions has been made, it’s time to think about what to put in the suitcase. We already talked about this in a post (ácer-el-camino-de-santiago/) earlier. But now we want to place special emphasis on a key element of said backpack. the medicine cabinet

Although it is true that during the Camino you will be able to find pharmacies when you arrive at the different stages, the same does not happen between each route. For this reason, it is essential that you think carefully about what you have to bring and what you may need during your journey, in order to avoid mishaps. Or rather, to be able to solve them.

Essentials in the medicine cabinet:

– Band-aids and dressings: There is no doubt that band-aids are magical. They prevent chafing, serve to stop small hemorrhages, ensure that the area is not in contact with any external factor…

– Gauze, bandages and adhesive tape: For everything that the band-aids do not serve you and, even, to tackle a small injury that is beginning to appear. Maybe you need to wrap a nagging ankle or knee…you never know!

– Needle and thread. And although it can also be used for any mishap with your clothes, the truth is that the purpose of putting these two elements in your backpack is to be able to treat the famous blisters that you will not get rid of. It is recommended to puncture the blister and leave the thread inside to drain.

– Antiseptics and disinfectants: It is clear that, if you do not want the small bruises that you may get to become infected, as well as the blisters themselves, you have to bring some product that prevents it.

– Vaseline: If until now we were talking about items that would help you solve small mishaps, now we are talking about one that will help you avoid them. Vaseline is key to avoiding chafing and even blisters. Another essential!

You should also not forget:

– Sun cream: Although it is an important element at any time of the year, its use is accentuated during sunny times. In spring and summer it should be essential in your medicine cabinet.

– Cocoa bar: Being exposed to the sun for so long, it is important that you also protect your lips. This cosmetic will also be very useful in the colder seasons, since it will also serve to protect your lips from dryness.

– Analgesics: Make no mistake, doing the Camino is hard. There are many kilometers and, especially some stages, they have a significant difference in level. This can cause minor muscle discomfort for which pain relievers, both cream and oral, will come in handy.

– Antidiarrheal: Water and food that your body is not used to can cause unexpected diarrhea. Don’t let the Camino spoil you!

– Wipes: They will always come in handy, I assure you.

Obviously, each of us is a world and we have different needs. But this may be a good summary of what every pilgrim should include in their backpack to avoid having a run over Camino.

Do you think we forgot some detail? We are all ears!