Keep your feet safe during the Camino

Walking the Camino de Santiago is one of the most incredible life experiences, but you need to be physically prepared and take care of your feet to fully enjoy it if not it can be a real drama.

So that you can enjoy the experience as much as possible and have a good way today in ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO we bring you some tips to take care of your feet to avoid blister and other injuries resulting from poor foot care. ¡Take note and remember that your feet are your bridge to get to Santiago!

Tips before starting the Camino

Before starting the Camino, it’s essential to train with the footwear that you’ll use during the Camino at least one month before to start walking.

There’re a lot of pilgrims that use new shoes for the first time to start the Camino and I guarantee you that this is a complete error. It’ s really important that you walk with them beforehand and adapt them to your feet anatomy. This will help you to avoid injures, chafing or blisters.

Bringing used shoes to your Camino de Santiago is one of the basic principles to become a happy Pilgrim.

Choose the correct footwear

First of all, check the time of the year that you are going to walk. For Autumn and Winter, light high trekking shoes with a soft soil and breathable system. The breathable system is a key because it will avoid you to walk with wet feet.

For Spring and Summer, it is recommended to wear low trekking shoes or trekking sandals.

Sneakers are not recommended even if you find them extremely comfortable because the Camino runs through very different soils like: gravel, concrete, rocky ground, asphalt…

Choosing the correct footwear that will accompany you during this experience is really important.

Take care of your nails

Another point to consider is your nails, do not neglect it. It is essential to keep the nail well cut and avoid sinking into the skin.

If you are in the habit of cutting your nails in a “v” shape, I recommend that you visit a podiatrist at least a month before starting the trip to have your nails cut straight and prevent them from sticking to the sides.

Feet Care along the Camino de Santiago

Once on the Camino, we recommend you having your feet well lubricate.  Apply a thin layer of Vaseline before beginning the stage. This type of product will keep your feet slightly moist which is perfect for walking the Camino de Santiago.

To avoid chafing and blisters, you should avoid wearing socks with seams. Sports’ socks without seams that facilitate the perspiration of the feet, are the best option.

At the end of each stage take off your shoes and give your feet a rest. Take the opportunity to bathe them, check on possible chaffing and massage the feet with Vaseline or specific cream.

And if your feet have been in shoes and boots all day: let them breathe!

It is common to see new pilgrims on the Camino wearing inappropriate footwear or with wounds or blisters on their feet. By following these simple tips, you will walk better and enjoy the experience more. Prepare your feet wisely and enjoy the experience! Good way, pilgrim!

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