The Camino de Santiago in August

As surely many of you already know, doing the Camino de Santiago in August may not be the best option if you do not prepare it in advance, since this is the month in which there are more crowds of pilgrims. For this reason, today at ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO we leave you 5 tips that will come in handy if you are going to travel the Camino de Santiago in August. Take note!

Choose a quiet route

The crowds on the road during the month of August can be seen on all routes, but with a lot of difference on the French and Portuguese roads. For this reason, if you don’t mind following one route or another, we advise you to opt for the original route, the English route or the northern route, which tend to have fewer pilgrims.

Avoid the central hours of the day

In August, as we all know, the temperatures are quite high, especially after 11 or 12 in the morning. The ideal is that you do not walk during the central hours of the day and that you protect yourself from the sun with good protection and that you wear a cap or hat. In addition, it is essential that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Look for dirt roads

Whenever possible, walk through the paths made by the pilgrims in the soft areas next to the road. Asphalt gets very hot and no matter how good footwear you have, you will feel the heat on your feet.

Book a place in the hostel

In summer there is a large influx of pilgrims, so the hostels are usually full. For this reason, it is very important that you book your hostel in advance. In this way you will avoid being left without a place.

Choose the right footwear

You have more than known this, right? So let’s get back to it. Look for light, comfortable and breathable footwear. To do the Camino in August you do not need the Waterproof, so we even dare to recommend that you wear trekking sandals.

At ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO we love the Camino de Santiago in all its versions, so whatever the time of year you want to do the Camino, do not let anything stop you. Have a good journey, pilgrim!

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