Camino Francés from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

We know that many people want to do the Camino de Santiago, but they don’t have too much time. For this reason, at ALBERGUES DEL CAMINO we want share with you the Camino de Santiago from Sarria.

The distance of the Camino Francés de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago is about 100km. This is the minimum distance required to request the “Compostela Certificate” at the Santiago Pilgrim’s Office.

There are 5 stages from Sarria to Santiago which run through the provinces of Lugo and A Coruña. Next, we will tell you how the stages are distributed.

Stage 1. Sarria – Portomarín.

We will begin our journey in the Galician town of Sarria which is located about 100km from Santiago.

In this stage we will travel about 22 km until we reach Portomarín. It can be completed in approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Although it is not a particularly complicated stage, we must consider that the first 13km have an undulating relief that makes many pilgrims tell them to maintain a constant rhythm.

Before ending this section, we cross the river Miño, which is really famous in Galicia.

Stage 2. Portomarín – Palas de Rei.

In this stage we travel 26 km until we reach Palas de Rei. We can complete this route in about 5 or 6 hours.

Throughout this stage we will be able to contemplate the beautiful green landscape of Galicia. Also, we will have to climb a somewhat steep slope until we reach Sierra de Ligonde. Arriving at this point we will find a gradual descent.

Stage 3. Palas de Rei – Arzúa.

With a route of approximately 29 km, this is the longest stage of the Camino Francés from Sarria. It can be covered in about 6 or 7 hours.

This stage has quite a few ups and downs, which makes it a challenge for pilgrims.

From this stage you will start to meet more pilgrims, since at this point the Camino del Norte connects with the Camino Primitivo.

Stage 4. Arzúa – O Pedrouzo.

Once in Arzúa you will only have 40 km left until you reach Santiago de Compostela. These 40 km are divided into two stages.

One of them is this, the one that goes from Arzúa to O Pedrouzo. This section has 19 km and we can cover it in about 4 hours.

It is a quiet stretch that does not have any difficulty that we should highlight.

Stage 5.O Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela.

At this point you have less than 20 km to reach your destination. This section is completed in approximately 4 or 5 hours.

At kilometre 15 of this section you will arrive at Monte del Gozo, one of the most representative places in Santiago de Compostela. From this point you will be able to see the Cathedral of Santiago for the first time on the Camino.

Upon arrival in Santiago de Compostela, we will be able to obtain our «Compostela» certificate and visit its beautiful old town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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