Ascension Day will be celebrated on 18 May.

During Easter we wrote a post in which we talked about the variation of these festive dates in the calendar. And this is another case in point. Here we tell you about it:

What and when is this day celebrated?

Well, it commemorates the Lord’s ascension to heaven in the presence of his disciples. This takes place after announcing to them that he will send them the Holy Spirit.

As for the date, it is variable, as it is 40 days after Easter Sunday. It corresponds exactly to the sixth Thursday after Easter.

In Santiago de Compostela

The Ascension is the second most important feast day in the city after the Apostle. This date has been marked as a public holiday in the working calendar of the Galician capital since time immemorial.

During these festivities, which last about a week in the cultural calendar, you can see how locals and students come together to enjoy concerts, parades, plays or any other recreational activity.

In addition, it is also very typical to enjoy a good portion of “pulpo á feira” in the different stalls that “las pulpeiras” set up in the Carballeira de Santa Susana.

The Way of St. James at this time of year

If you had in mind to do the Way of St. James on dates close to the Ascension, you should know that the occupation in Santiago increases and you should be foresighted.

A dinner in a restaurant, the entrance to a museum or, simply, a visit to the cathedral, may take you more time than you had planned.

However, you can look at the positive side of things and appreciate the festive atmosphere that you will find in the streets of the city.

Just bear this in mind and enjoy yourself. Enjoy the city, its festive atmosphere, its music, its gastronomy, its people, its culture. Enjoy Santiago de Compostela, because both during the Ascension and the rest of the year, it has so much to offer you.

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Good Camino, pilgrim.