8 tips before doing the Camino de Santiago

You can spend days thinking about what to pack in your backpack, making lists so you don’t forget anything, and then failing at other more essential things that you haven’t taken into account.

The first part, the one with the backpack, we solved for you several weeks ago on the Blog. The second, we come to warn you today.

We are going to list some advice that the experience of all these years and the daily dealings with all the pilgrims who have stayed in our hostels and have told us about their experience have given us.

Before starting the list, I want to remind you that you can book both at the Seminario Menor Hostel in Santiago and at the Monasterio de La Magdalena in Sarria through our website with the best price guaranteed and a free cancellation option up to 24 hours before your arrival.

Now yes, let’s go with the tips:

-Do not eat too much. Yes, the road is tiring and, probably when you sit down to eat, you will have quite an appetite. Try to control and not fill yourself up too much, as it can take its toll on you and not rest well or be too heavy for the rest of the stage.

-Even if you are one of those who prefers “a little more”, it is better to get up early and finish the stages before, than to postpone it too much. Perhaps you will be able to finish like this before sitting down to enjoy a good meal. In addition, you will avoid the hottest hours and, on the shortest days, the sun going down and catching you halfway.

-Do not carry too much clothing in the backpack. Before going out you will believe that everything is essential, but we recommend that you change your vision and think that everything weighs. Take the essentials. In the hostels you will find a washing machine in which to wash clothes.

-Don’t forget to hydrate well. It is very important to not lose energy and avoid dehydration. Especially in the hottest seasons.

-One of the things that you have to give the most importance to is footwear. Don’t even think about brand new shoes on the road. Sure failure. Wear shoes that you know are comfortable for you and that you have previously trained in if you don’t want to end up with unexpected chafing and blisters.

– Protection alone will be one of your best allies. Don’t forget to lie down several times a day, even in winter and when the clouds cover the sun.

-Stretch the muscles before and after each stage. Prepare like you would do any other workout. The shoelaces the next day will still be there, but you will avoid many injuries with this essential practice.

-Finally, we can only tell you to enjoy the road. Enjoy each stage, each person you meet, each town you step on, each landscape you observe. Enjoy this wonder and live it. The satisfaction you will feel when you arrive at your destination will only be known by you.


Good Way, pilgrim!