What’s the easiest route of the Camino de Santiago?

All those who have ever done the Camino de Santiago know that it is one of the best experiences that can be had in life. Being in contact with oneself and learning surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and other people who share the same goal can’t be described in words. However, there’re many people who don’t dare to do it for fear of not being able to.

If you are one of those people, don’t worry, since one of the greatest advantages of the Camino de Santiago is that it has a multitude of routes to choose from, some easier than others, but all of them equally valid and suitable for everything. kind of pilgrims

Next, we talk about the shortest and easiest route on the Camino de Santiago. Take note!

The shortest and easiest Camino de Santiago

The shortest path isn’t always the easiest, but in this case it is. The vast majority of pilgrims who decide to do the Camino de Santiago for the first time choose to travel the French Way from Sarria, because it’s the shortest and easiest way to obtain the Compostela. This Jacobean Route has just over 100 km divided into 5 stages.

The layout of this route isn’t very complicated, since it doesn’t have large climbs, making it perfect for inexperienced pilgrims. In addition, due to the large annual influx of pilgrims, this route has a wide range of services available throughout the year, that is: hostels and restaurants for pilgrims.

In addition, in Sarria you can spend the night in one of our hostels, the Magdalena Monastery.

Many pilgrims also choose this route because it covers the minimum distance that allows them to obtain the Compostela at the end of their journey, which is 100 km on foot.

Stages of the French Way from Sarria

As we have mentioned before, the route from Sarria has 5 stages that start from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. All of them are around 20 km per day that are traveled without major difficulties along trails of little relief.

Stage 1: Sarria – Portomarín (22 km)

Stage 2: Portomarín – Palas del Rei (24 km)

Stage 3: Palas del Rei – Arzúa (29 km)

Stage 4: Arzúa – Pedrouzo (19 km)

Stage 5: Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela (21 km)

For those pilgrims who want to take the next step, they can also try another relatively easy route for beginners, the Camino Ingles from Ferrol. Like the Sarria route, the English Way covers at least 100 km to Santiago and has incredible places to visit.

Once in Santiago, you can enjoy its impressive historic center before reaching the long-awaited destination, the Cathedral of Santiago.

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