The way by bike or on foot

According to the data that we can obtain from the Pilgrim’s Office, in 2021 94% of pilgrims reached the cathedral on foot and only 6% did so by bicycle. Does this mean that walking is easier, more comfortable or better than cycling? Here we tell you the pros and cons of both options.

As we have already told you on occasion, both on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and on this blog, to obtain the Compostela accreditation you must meet a series of requirements, depending on the medium in which you decide to walk the Camino. This is, therefore, one of the main differences between doing the Camino on foot or by bicycle.

For the first course you will need a minimum of 100km. For the second, 200km. The rest of the conditions are the same.

In addition to this, pilgrims who walk the Camino have priority in public shelters until 8 in the afternoon. Unfair? Probably not, as walking to the next accommodation can be tedious, while cycling is faster and easier.

What is the positive part of doing the Camino by bike?

Obviously, the effort is not the same. Although we do not detract from those who pedal, because it is a demanding sport and there is no doubt about that. Bicigrinos, as they are called colloquially, will not suffer the typical problems of blisters on their feet, for example.

Another advantage is time. You will be able to travel longer stretches and in less time, which will allow you to reach Plaza del Obradoiro several days earlier.

Also keep in mind that you will not have to carry a heavy backpack on your back, something that pilgrims do have to do.

And another part that also seems very positive to us is that, if you want to visit a place in the vicinity of the Camino, you can deviate without too much effort or waste of time.

But be careful, if you plan to do the Camino in the coldest or rainiest season, such as winter, check the conditions to make sure it is possible.

Obviously, you are the one who knows yourself best. Your priority will be the one in which you feel most comfortable.

If you are used to traveling on two wheels, do not hesitate to live the experience. If what you feel like is walking, it will be magical too.

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