The Camino in winter and its difficulties

Walking the Camino de Santiago in winter is possible. Yes it is. And on many occasions it is also
much more comforting. Of course, you will have to take many details into account and plan accordingly.
even more exhaustive way.

It is better not to go alone, since the weather is not the same as you will find in summer or spring and it can
make it easier to have the help of another person in some mountainous sections.
Despite the fact that, as we told you on other occasions, the Camino can be traveled on foot, by bicycle,
on horseback or even by boat, the recommendation during the winter is the first. The danger of having a
bicycle accident is higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Camino in Winter

Obviously, a smaller percentage of people decide to walk the Camino in winter. This is an advantage
because you will avoid crowds and also the possibility of finding yourself without a place in the hostels.
At the same time, this itself becomes a possible disadvantage, since many of these hostels close in
these times. That is why the planning that we will talk about later is so important.
Another pro of the road in winter are the landscapes that you will find. Although it is true that in
summer and spring are already spectacular, nothing to envy to the photographs that you can take at the time

Timing is different in winter. You won’t have to get up so early, or run to get to the

What is the best road to travel in winter?

Choosing a route that suits your physical condition is something that you will have to do at any time of the year,
but above all you will have to take it even more into account. Also, choose a path that is as flat as possible.
It is another recommendation that we make, since you will avoid mountain passes with snow.

For this reason we advise you to opt for the Portuguese Way or the English Way.

Also based on these tips, we advise against the Camino Primitivo and Camino del Norte.
As for the Camino Frances, it is an option that you can consider, taking into account that you can
find snow and other inclement weather that make you deviate towards the Winter Road.
And as its own name indicates, the Winter Way, which the Xunta admitted as the Jacobean Route in
2010, is also thought to be a suitable route for these dates. Avoid the snow when passing through the valley
of the Sil.

The weather is important

It is important that you know the time that awaits you during your journey. If it’s very cold, if you have to
expect rain or snow. It is even interesting to know if there will be areas of a lot of fog.
Surely you will not be able to trust all the predictions for your journey, but you can for the first days. A
From there, the interesting thing will be that you ask the people of the area, who know where they live and can
tell you better what you will find the next day.

Obviously, for the winter you will have to plan your backpack in a very different way than what you
you would at any other time of the year. But we will tell you about that in the next post 😉

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