Wich Camino to choose and when to tavel it?

Going to the Plaza del Obradoiro through the different paths is a challenge that more and more people are doing.

It is a challenge, because it supposes an effort that rewards, it is an adventure and each one does it for personal reasons. Whether for religious, cultural or a mixture of both.

In recent years, according to data collected at the Pilgrim’s Office, more people embark on the experience for a mixture of religious and cultural reasons, followed by those who do so for a purely religious purpose.

In addition, from this same source we can obtain data related to the age of the pilgrims, most of them being between 30 and 60 years old. Specifically, 64% of walkers are in this age range. In addition, the data is really even between the sexes, with the same men as women who walk the Camino.

Regarding the nationality of the pilgrims who reach the Cathedral, we are surprised to see that 44% are nationals, while more than 55% are foreigners.

What is the best time to walk the Camino?

Now that we are clear about the profiles of the people who arrive in Santiago, we can analyze the best time to do so.

Although it is true that the data indicates that the month with the greatest influx is August, followed by July and June, the best months to venture on the Camino are spring.

Most likely, summer is the time chosen by many for work reasons and also because of the “fame” that it always rains in Galicia and the summer months are associated with greater drought. But it is in spring when you will find a milder climate, with average temperatures around 15ºC.

In addition, in spring, unlike the other milder season, less precipitation accumulates.

Wich Camino to choose?

In this case we will tell you that the answer is not so clear. Obviously, it will depend on your place of origin and also on the desire you have to get to know one or another area of ​​the Spanish geography. In any case we will rely on statistics again.

The French Way, specifically with departure from Sarria, is the most chosen. Approximately 30% of all pilgrims choose this route. The difference is notable with respect to the second chosen point, which is Tui from where approximately 9% of the walkers choose to leave.

In total, more than 55% of people have chosen the French Way as the route to reach the Cathedral, followed by the Portuguese Way, chosen by almost 20%. The Northern Way, the Primitive Way and the English Way follow him from afar.

Whatever your reason for living the experience, you decide to visit it in one month or another or whatever reason you have, what is clear is that you will not forget it. Have you considered going through it this year?