The Camino de Santiago can be done on foot, on horseback, by sailing and by bicycle, however, the distance you will have to travel will be different depending on how you decide to get to Santiago in order to obtain the Compostela.

Next, we are going to see what the requirements you need to obtain the Compostela. Take note!

The requirements of the Pilgrim Reception Office

The Camino de Santiago is, originally, a show of effort and devotion. Although it has changed a lot since the Middle Ages, the current Way shares the spirit of sacrifice of yesteryear. That is why some requirements are established to obtain the Compostela:

  • Travel 100 kilometers, if done on foot or on horseback
  • Travel 100 nautical miles and finish the Way on foot, if done under sail
  • Travel 200 kilometers, if done on a traditional bicycle
  • Have a minimum of two daily stamps on the Credential

These requirements do not contemplate any motor vehicle, since with them that sacrificial component is lost. For this reason, it is not possible to obtain the Compostela when completing the electric bicycle route. There are exceptions, if the pilgrim who has used it suffers from a disability or similar.

We must not forget that achieving the Compostela is not the only objective of the Camino. There are many reasons to do the Camino de Santiago: religion, sport, connection with nature or with oneself, spiritual… Although the Compostela certifies your experience, not having it does not detract from your trip and all the unforgettable moments you have lived.

For this reason, if for you the electric bicycle is worth it for all its advantages, go ahead. These types of bicycles greatly facilitate the experience, which can be very hard both because of the hundreds of kilometers it lasts and because of the intensity of the stages. If you want a document that proves that you walked the entire Camino, you can always keep the Credential, even if it does not have a final stamp.

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